We will simplify and streamline your work
with Google Workspace.

We'll make sure your emails don't go to spam. We'll make sure no one hacks your email and sends fraudulent messages from it. We will teach your people to work with priority mail and communicate more effectively. You will be surprised what Google Workspace can do!

90% of our clients have previously been unable to take full advantage of Google Workspace. Do you want to be sure that you are not one of them?

Most of our future customers say: "We know how to work with Google Workspace. So, what do you have to offer?" This is the beginning of most of our collaborations. Then we find out how poorly companies deal with data security or how inefficiently they use email and applications. We will teach you how to do it better. Much better.

With Google Workspace, we can do magic.
And we will teach you most of what we can do!

We will develop handy custom applications for you

For example, we have an application that automatically downloads email attachments and saves them to a client folder on Google Drive. Or an application that can download data from a spreadsheet and then generate a pleasing document from it according to a template with one click.

We will share our experience with Google Workspace

Whether you sell perfumes or make steel pipes, we will help you. We will share experiences from similar companies with you, set up Google Workspace and provide you with our own applications or scripts to get the most out of it.

We will set up data sharing and their security policy

Every day we see how badly companies work with G Suite. Uncontrolled sharing, fraudulent emails… We will prevent your employees from sharing files on private accounts, fine-tune access rights to files, recover deleted data up to 10 years back, or set up email so that it does not deliver fraudulent messages and your messages do not go to spam.

You pay us for Workspace just as you would pay Google,
but the support is incomparable.

You pay the same, you get more

You will pay us the amount you pay Google.

You will not be alone in this. We are there with you.

Whenever you need advice, just write an email or call. Our operators will pay full attention to you and solve a lot of things operatively from a distance.

You will get an overview of what is happening in the company

Do your people work from home? Do you want to have an overview of what employees do at work? We will prepare dashboards for you so that you have an overview of the performance of each employee. How many emails they sent, how much time they spent on video calls or how long they transcribed documents.

We will teach your people to work with Google Workspace

We have a sophisticated system of online and full-time training of existing and new employees. Your people will work like a pro with Google Workspace - the new ones even before they join you. Right from the first day, they go 100% and you don't have to lose time with their training at all.

Want to get the most out of Google Workspace?
You can have that. Let us know