Employees who switch to Google save almost 2 days of work each month

The research agrees. After switching to Google, employees will reach the monthly workload 2 days faster than before. They will be more efficient and more satisfied at work. And when we teach you how to get the most out of Workspace, you'll be thrilled.

Automation frees
your hands

With us, you will enter a new era of business. We will set up automatic sorting of mail, automatic saving of attachments from e-mail to drive or filtering of mail using artificial intelligence - this alone saves each employee tens of minutes of routine and tedious work a day.

You will be faster than ever

Employees and entire teams will start working together on the same document or project. Anyone to whom you make it available will have access to the data - even if it's on the other side of the planet. And thanks to intuitive tools, you will immediately find your way around all applications.

Your data will be safe
and under control

Are you afraid of the cloud? The risk of data loss is 95% lower with Google Workspace than when using your own server. In addition, we can recover lost data for up to 10 years. No one will be able to share sensitive data outside the company, and if this happens, you will find out immediately thanks to the notification.

Workspace has been proven to increase business efficiency
in both small and large companies.

Workspace makes it easy for you to communicate, manage projects and access data. And we will not only bring it to you - but we will teach you to work with it so that you get the most out of it.

We make it easier for businessmen to sell more than ever before

Excel spreadsheets are a thing of the past. Only with the strong CRM tools, you will evaluate every business case in detail, automate routine activities and, as a store manager, you will have an absolute overview of the activities of salespeople.

We will evaluate how you are currently working

We'll look at templates for your emails and offers, analyze communication channels, and evaluate marketing results or customer support work. We will also help you with customer segmentation and suggest what type of clients you should address or how to measure the success of the sales department.

We will use automation for everything that is possible

We will prepare templates of the most frequent e-mails and texts so that you write them faster. We automate both dialing of calls from CRM and saving them to drive. We will simply rid your traders of tedious work and administration - you will prepare offers, personalized e-mails or documents with one click.

We provide a powerful business management tool

We will provide a CRM in which you can always get an overview of the activity of salespeople - the number of phone calls, e-mails or meetings. You will be able to evaluate every business case, its weaknesses and reasons for success. You can easily find out what works reliably in your business or which clients you should address.