About is a travel company founded in 2012 by Oliver Dlouhý and Jiří Havelka as its first investor. The company has changed the way we travel today. Its main activity is a search engine for airline tickets and ground transportation tickets such as buses, trains, and taxis. Thanks to its virtual interlining concept, Kiwi allows its customers to find new routes for lower prices and combine both air and ground transportation from the carriers who do not cooperate with each other. 

I can’t actually imagine living without the Cloud today.

In 2013, the company sold tickets for 300 thousand CAD, in 2014 for 8 million CAD, in 2015 for 118 million CAD and in 2018 for nearly 2 billion CAD. The company has a number of business awards to its credit and it was awarded the fastest growing start-up in Central Europe both in 2017 and 2018. In June 2019, the American fund General Atlantic bought the majority share in the Czech company The price of the transaction was not disclosed by the company, but according to previously unconfirmed data, General Atlantic had to pay almost 180 million CAD for the share.




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The company grew dynamically and recruited hundreds of employees every year. These employees were in several company branches around the world. To manage all of them, the company needed secure email, shared storage for corporate documents, and communication and collaboration tools. The emails of the customers often ended in the spam. As the number of user accounts increased, so did the cost per user. 

Our Solutions

We acquired the client in June 2016. First, we set up the new mail system so that important emails would no longer go to spam. We set up phishing emails prevention. We modified the G Suite licenses so that some users have the basic license and some have the business license. We connected the team with experts directly from Google.


Users' emails were not flagged as spam anymore and the number of delivered emails increased. We have stopped phishing emails. By modifying the G Suite licenses, we brought cost savings to the company of approx. 30% in the first year. has started using cloud tools from Google for its computing power and large amounts of data. is one of the most successful Czech startups in tourism, which processes 100 million queries every day and tens of thousands of airline tickets. is on track to become the first virtual global supercarrier. It combines all types of transport including bike rental and easily takes you anywhere you need to.

Czech Republic


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