Sheets / tables

Smart and secure spreadsheets for collaboration in innovative organizations

Get ready for a new teamwork experience. Artificial intelligence can evaluate data and help make better business decisions. They are compatible with external systems, including Microsoft Office.

Collaboration and sharing

Whether you need to keep an up-to-date sales table or you are planning an event, you can always collaborate online at once in the same table. No more versions and updates sent by e-mail. With shared tables, you'll see the edit history of everyone who has the right to edit.

You can also set the visibility of areas or sheets for specific users. In practice, this means that one department will not see the records of another. Suitable for merging data at the management level.

Accessible from PC and mobile phones. Notification if data changes. Offline work even in places without a connection.

Artificial intelligence statistics

After pressing the "Explore" button, the artificial intelligence will evaluate, based on the type of data entered, which answer you will probably require.

When writing formulas, there will always be a function help box at hand, which eliminates the possibility of errors.

The formulas can be entered in the form of a common speech such as "How many eggs were sold in Toronto". Google recognizes the request and applies the appropriate search function.

With data from Excel without problems

You no longer have to check the version of a file and worry about it being compatible with your application. Focus on work and outcome.

You can work without problems from any device, because Spreadsheets are compatible with Microsoft files. Most of the keyboard shortcuts you are already used to also work in them.

Sophisticated data security

The contents of the tables are constantly protected by one of the most advanced security technologies in the world. Access rights can be set at the level of an individual, team, or the entire company. You can also set an expiration date for your colleagues' content display.

In the case of sensitive data, you can limit copying, downloading or printing the document.

Data from multiple sources, BigQuery

The tables are packed with tools for analysis, visualization and the maximum possibility of extracting information from data. If you want to process data from multiple sources (CSV, Excel other formats), you can use APIs and connectors. If a more detailed analysis is needed, the tables can be synchronized with the BigQuery service and information from real datasets can be obtained from the Census Bureau, the World Bank and others.

And other tweaks?

You can chat online in the document. Mark an area or field with an address note that serves as a task for a colleague. A colleague will be informed by e-mail that he is required to take action. After completion, the contracting authority is informed about the solution of the assigned task.

You can use the "reservation" tool to edit fields according to the rights settings for a particular user. This will reduce the possibility of editing the adjacent field by mistake. Protect the sheet from overwriting except for certain areas and many other useful features.