Surveys and forms that everyone can create

You create the form and customize its content and appearance the way you want.

Do you need data and feedback from employees or a form for client registration? You don't have to make a web page, but you simply compile a set of questions. After releasing the form into the world, you are just waiting for the answers that can be viewed on your mobile phone. No need for any other specialized software.

How can we ask?

When composing the form, start from the end. What do you want to know? Build a question outline accordingly and choose the type of question appropriately.

Simple answer, paragraph, one answer, multiple answers, drop-down menu, grid with multiple options, file upload, date, time.

More complex construction with logic

If you ask a question that does not have a clear answer, follow the exclusion principle. First, ask simple question, set the condition for asking the next question, and continue asking more detailed questions. Eventually, you may learn that most employees expect cauliflower with ketchup on the grill at the corporate party:)

The HR department will bring a ton of cauliflower at the party and the popularity of the management will skyrocket!

Always in the picture

After sending the form to the respondents (by e-mail, by publishing on the website), you can focus your attention on another task.

An automatic notification will always send you an email when the specified number of replies is completed.

Working together to achieve results

Like other Google documents, forms can be shared. This means that the entire department can work on data evaluation at once.

So you will be one step ahead of the conservative competitors!