Use, store and share your files in one secure place

One secure place to store and share your files. Unlike the competition, you can save ANYTHING.

You can access your files anywhere, anytime. From a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Sharing settings are intuitive and secure.

Unlimited space

Business and Enterprise users automatically gain UNLIMITED disk storage capacity. You will never be bothered by a lack of capacity again. You do not have to fill out requests for additional space increases.

Data can be secured using the Safe application, which reduces the possibility of information leakage from the company. IT administrators have full control over how data security is set up, shared, and more.

Try not searching when searching

It sounds weird, but when you try Drive, you won't want to change it anymore. From the service's home screen, Google automatically gives you "shortcuts" to files you may need to work. Do you have a regular meeting date recorded in your calendar? Most likely you will have a file with the minutes of the meetings ready.

How is it possible? Google uses machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to predict and understand what's important to you in real time. This will connect the user to the files he is likely to work with.

Team drives

The end of individualism and fears of losing access to data after a co-worker leaves. Unlike a user's drive, all team members have access to the files on the team drive. Everyone sees the latest version and the owner is not a specific user. Therefore, there is no risk of losing access to the data after the file creator leaves the domain.

Access to data even without a browser

Are you used to opening files from File Explorer? Don't have enough drive space to store all your files? Does not matter. Google Drive enables streaming. The Explorer contains shortcuts to files that are physically stored in the Cloud. Double-click, open, work in a local program and all data is securely stored on Drive.

Streaming is faster than synchronizing local files with files in storage. So you have more time to work.

Additional functionalities

You can also work with data on the Drive with third-party applications such as DocuSign for e-signatures, CloudLock for additional security. If you can't disconnect from Office applications, that's not a problem. Plugins help integrate Drive into existing work practices. The Drive can open over 40 different file types. PDF, MPEG4. It can work on Microsoft files directly on Drive. The files are private until you decide to share them. You set the levels to Edit, View, Comment. The sharing period can be limited in time.