Cloud Search

Necessary information at the right time

This great tool searches the query string across emails, calendars, all types of files and internal websites. Searching in the cloud will be easy.

Continue where you left off

You no longer have to remember what document you last worked on. Open Cloud Search and you will see the last three open, edited documents just below the search bar. You will also see those for which your comment is required to solve the specified task.

Artificial intelligence will help you

Google will understand you even if you type a query in common language. It anticipates your questions. A small hint and you are one step closer to the result!

Protection of private data

The search gives only results from your private and shared documents. You don't have to worry about someone else seeing snippets from your private document in search results.

Meeting overview

In the assistance card tab, you will find chronological information about scheduled meetings, information about confirmation of participants, links to attached documents and much more. All this will keep you in the picture and always ready for the next meetings.