Apps Script / process automation

Optimize your work

Apps Script is the only platform with minimal programming that makes it easy and faster to build enterprise solutions to integrate, automate, and extend Workspace. Business users can use it to create their own Workspace solutions without the need for any professional development experience. Apps Script is available for anyone with a Gmail account.

Quick and easy creation

Business users can use Apps Script to quickly create custom solutions to the problems they face every day, without having to rely on professional software developers.

Boost your productivity

Apps Script allows users to focus on what's important and get the most out of G Suite. With Apps Script, you can automate time-consuming and tedious tasks, create integrations that connect applications that users use every day, and add features and customizations where they are needed at the right time.

Use your favorite web languages

Apps Script lets you create in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - you don't have to learn a new special application framework.

Designed for Google

Apps Script is ready to use. G Suite's pre-integrated APIs and the native integration of more than 100 other Google services, such as YouTube, Google Analytics and BigQuery, make it easy for you to take advantage of everything Google has to offer.