Google products

Use tools from Google for your effective business
Gmail Free real-time corporate email and secure data storage.
Meet / Video conferencing Secure video conferencing for your business.
Hangouts / Chat Group conversations and easy long-distance communication.
Calendar Shareable online calendars for corporate teams.
Drive Secure place for storing and sharing your files.
Docs / Documents It has never been easier to edit documents in real time.
Sheets / Tables Artificial intelligence can evaluate your data and help you make right business decisions.
Slides / Presentations You can create a perfect presentation even without special software.
Forms You will be one step ahead of your conservative competition.
Sites Customize your website quickly and easily.
Keep / Notes Productivity, efficiency, time management.
Currents / Company communiction A simple communication channel for corporate teams.
Apps Script / Process automation Accelerates the building of business solutions designed for integration, automation.
Cloud Search / Fast search Answers to your questions and quick relevant suggestions when using a full text search.

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